AAA Material for Blender 3D

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AAA (Almost Anything Awesome) Material for Blender is an easy and powerful solution for building complex material setups. It could get heavy on your system so make sure that your machine is strong enough. Of course, it also depends on what you are using it for. If you have at least GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, you should be good to go.
If previewing the material in a 3D viewport is not your priority, then you can work on a lower specs machine, powered with the GPU such as 1080 Ti. Sometimes you’ll only be interested in generating various texture maps, like Diffuse, and Roughness maps, because you’ll be using them in another package. This means that previewing Material Output through Blender’s 3D Viewport Render Preview is really not that important, since you’ll be able to preview each pass separately.

Triple A Material is designed to be used with Cycles, although it will work with Eevee as well, just have in mind that the results will be slightly different. Cycles will also allow you to work a lot faster.


  1. Make complex materials easily

  2. Preview and bake different render passes

  3. Add decals and various surface effects

  4. Combine procedural and image textures

Video Instructions