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IFCC is short for “Independent Festival of Creative Communication”. It is a festival with the primary goal to promote authorship and creativity through education and rewarding, especially in the field of art and design within the entertainment industry, publishing and advertising.

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Boonika Projects are designed to help groups and individuals to present their concepts to those who might be interested in supporting them. Categories include books, games, films, websites, collectibles, and other.

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In our quest to make the IFCC program bigger, better, and most importantly, more accessible, we decided to found the IFCC Academy.

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Boonika Pro Pages are designed to allow groups and individuals to present their skills in a simple and effective way. The goal is to build a directory of professionals who offer art and/or design services for various industries such as films, games, publishing, and advertising.

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TGW website was built to help individuals and small teams to develop projects faster but also to help them test their creative capabilities through various challenges.

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We are always working on something exciting. Please do get in touch if you think that you might have an interesting idea or a suggestion.

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Boonika Loop

Boonika Loop Scheme

In the early 2000s, Boonika was developed as a creative platform intended to support creative groups and individuals through peer-to-peer contact, education, collaborations, project presentations, and promotions.

At the core of Boonika's work is the notion that expanding one's knowledge and the professional circle will absolutely lead to an improvement in creative output, idea flow and ultimately – satisfaction for all involved. Each one, teach one is often heard, but somewhat seldom practiced on a steady basis.

We are steadfastly building a community whose members will occasionally be at the receiving end of the helping hand and then, sooner than expected, become the helping hand.

Boonika is meant to be a multifaceted hub for creatives looking for work, seeking help, searching for partners, presenting work and projects or just interested in hanging around while working to get a creative buzz going.


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What can I tell you, these guys know what they are doing. Although I came from far away I never felt more at home. I smell success.


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I still don't quite understand what this Boonika thing is all about, and to be honest - I don't think anyone does. But you know, it just feels good somehow.


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Actually I was looking for a dating site and somehow I ended up here. I think it's because I like to draw. Anyway, I'm staying here.