Arcane Construct: Monster Slayer

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Name: Elena Barbu

Country: Romania

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


Construct: something constructed by the mind as a theoretical entity or a working hypothesis or concept (

In a fantasy world far far away and a long time ago, people live in fear and struggle to survive.
For a while now, unspeakable horrors have started to crawl the Earth in broad daylight. Ordinary people are unable to deal with monsters by themselves since they lack physical and mental resilience. Hence why, it is the time for arcanists, alchemists and magi to shine.
Using their secret knowledge of the arcane, these mysterious sages have brought to life huge constructs they can control from afar, so that they can safely reclaim the fallen cities and lost territories.

Commoners name them monster slayers, and regard them as symbols of hope.
Little do they know that the esteemed magi themselves might be related to the monstrous anomalies that have changed the face of their world…

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