It's all about that creative virus

We’ve been boosting your creativity since early 2000s, always trying hard to help you create, learn, teach, sell, and find the best jobs or the ideal partner for your next project. 

We Support & PROMOTE

Digital Artists

Get the best tools for your work and learn from those who know more. 

Traditional Artists

We respect the effort that goes into creation of a real life artworks. 


Design and functionality is what makes this world a better place. 


Use Boonika platform to build your next course or pomote the existing one. 


Are you building an addon for Blender or another software? We do to. 


Your expertise is welcome and our members are waiting for you to hire them. 


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Why join Boonika Network?

At the core of Boonika’s work is the notion that expanding one’s knowledge and the professional circle will absolutely lead to an improvement in creative output, idea flow and ultimately – satisfaction for all involved. Each one, teach one is often heard, but somewhat seldom practiced on a steady basis.

In the early 2000s, Boonika was developed as a creative platform intended to support creative groups and individuals through peer-to-peer contact, education, collaborations, project presentations, and promotions.

We are steadfastly building a community whose members will occasionally be at the receiving end of the helping hand and then, sooner than expected, become the helping hand.

Boonika is meant to be a multifaceted hub for creatives looking for work, seeking help, searching for partners, presenting work and projects or just interested in hanging around while working to get a creative buzz going.


*Different membership levels offer different features.

Clear Communication

If you are tired of social platforms, Boonika Network might be the right place for you. We are only interested in constructive discussion on topics related to art and design.

Member Profiles

Each member gets a member profile page where she/he can add a link to website portfolio, social links, short introduction, and other information.

Pro Pages (coming soon)

If you're a professional you'll be able to create a good looking landing page with examples of your work. Potential customers will be able to contact you even if they are not registered on the website.

Social Groups

You can create and administrate social groups around any art or design related topics (art movement, 3D software, art books, etc.).


Sometimes you just want to discuss with others about certain problems or provide support for your products, like Blender addons or Procreate/Photoshop brushes.


Connect with friends and those who share same interests


Send direct messages to your friends and colleagues.


Grab discounts offered by some of our partners.

Education (coming soon)

Teachers can easily build their new courses while students can enroll in free and premium courses and webinars.

Web Tools

If you are building a personal website, web store or even a platform like Boonika Network, we can help you cut down the costs significantly and help you build it at a very low price (or even free).


We offer some useful downloadable content for digital artists in various disciplines.

Marketing Tools

Depending on your membership level, you will be able to use Boonika's marketing tools to run your own mailing list, send newsletters, and send direct messages to your fans and followers.

Free Promotion

We can help you promote your project. You can write and publish articles and even request to add them to our newsletter.

Ads Free Environment

Since Boonika is funded by memberships and its own projects, we don't have to molest you with hundreds of ads. That, of course, doesn't mean we won't promote our partners, so you probably will see a random logo every now and then.

Block & Report

Sometimes it's hard to fight spammers and trolls, unless you have the right tools.