Frost Beast

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Name: Rosa (Eunche) Lee

Country: Canada

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


Frost Beast is a creature that was once a gorilla that have been tested in a secret laboratory located in an arctic area. When one of the test becomes successful, scientists experiments more on him and he becomes raged and uncontrollable. Some scientists tries to fix him by applying machine parts on to his body that has been melted and corrupted. But, as they try, he would only transforms into more outraged beast. At last Frost Beast destroys the laboratory and escapes into the deep arctic ice field where snow storm would never stop. One of the experiments that gave Frost Beast’s ability to overcome his damages was the blood vile attached on he’s back. He has 6 bottles that can recover him even though he gets attacked, so when you see him do not try to kill him. Just Run.

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