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* All plans are charged annually. The full amount will be visible during checkout.
** Green, Blue and Alpha plans allow you to access limited OR unlimited number of Boonika Art Tools. Access, through this website, will be possible as long as your membership is active. Alpha members will have access to a full download list, while Green and Blue members will receive chosen tools upon request. Only the tools that don’t require updates are stackable, meaning that you can ask for new ones only after your current subscription renews. If you’re aiming at tools that require updates, e.g., various Blender tools or addons, have in mind that those are not stackable. If you would like to receive lifetime updates, purchase such tools separately.

Creator Program is for those who want to join our team with their own digital tools and/or educational content, e.g., courses and tutorials.
Ambassador Program is for those who are interested in promoting Boonika memberships to artists and designers around the world.
Newsletter Promo grants you a service or a product placement inside our own newsletter, after it gets approved.