Terrain Mixer for Blender 3D

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Terrain Mixer for Blender 3D is a very fast terrain generator. It is made of Cycles materials, 3D objects, and textures (image inputs). Materials combine dozens of nodes and node groups. Although it is very easy to use, there isn’t really ‘the right way’ of using it. You have to experiment and find your workflow. We suggest that you start by simply moving sliders left and right. You can also enter the node groups by selecting any of them and pressing TAB. The package already contains a lot of heightmaps and color maps, but of course, you can use your own heightmaps and color maps.


  1. Terrain Mixer allows you to create complex terrains in a fraction of the time that would be needed with other software or plugin.

  2. You can easily save your result as a heightmap (baking is as simple as F12 rendering).

Video Instructions