The Scissors of Fate

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Name: Rembert Montald

Country: Belgium

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My final image of the monster slayer for the challenge,

The Scissors of Fate

Curtail, abort, cut short, ended and interrupted, all terms that try and obscure the truth. Scissillia’s sister was dead and no words could dull the hurt. Theirs had been a bond greater than any other, their hopes and dreams intertwined and then cruelly ripped apart.Revenge seethed in her veins, first the direct cause then those responsible felt her bile. It was not enough, Fate had conspired against her and so it should be the fates that felt how deep her pain could cut. It took a year before Scissillia finally stood in their chthonic halls, soaked in the blood of those that tried and failed to halt her. First was the youngest, spinner of threads, whose hands had wrought the deed. Second was the matron, who measured when her sister’s end would come. “Bring her back!” she demanded of the third, the crone, the one who cut the thread. The old woman refused, even the death of her sisters could not move her. In a rage Scissilia took the scissors that ended her sister’s life and cut the last fate’s throat. But the crone was wily, her tools were hers in much more than name. When the bloody deed was done, there were two souls in one body, a husk that fled into the underworld. After years of silence, Scissilia has emerged again, the two having become one. Wielding the scissors of fate, the threads of those who opposed her would be cut short.

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