Welcome home!

Many creative people out there are overwhelmed by what social media delivers daily, and all they want is to be able to focus on their work, improve, and stay connected to their colleagues, students, or mentors. If you are one of them, welcome to Boonika.

We are working hard on many amazing features that should help you do your work better. You see, Boonika really is different, because it is probably the only platform for creative people that adapts to your needs. This is possible because at any time you can talk to people who maintain it, give your suggestions and get feedback.  We are not interested in numbers, because we want our members to contribute with their passion and knowledge.

If you know Boonika from before, you know how deeply involved we are in our own projects, like IFCC Academy and IFCC Croatia, but also how passionate we are about helping those who are always ready to go beyond limits with their ideas and creativity.

See you inside.

We are looking for content creators who want to contribute with articles, tutorials, courses, and anything in between. If interested, Get in touch right after you register.