Environment Exploration

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Sketching with shapes and silhouettes

Composition and Scale

Storytelling and Lighting


Modeling with Polygons

Modeling with curves

Maya set building

Lighting and Rendering

Texturing on Cinema 4d

Rendering in Octane


Applying render passes

Photo bashing 1

Photo bashing 2

Photo bashing 3

Photo bashing 4

Photo bashing 5

Photo bashing 6

Enforcing Depth

Bonus Content

Bonus Lesson 1

Bonus Lesson 2

Bonus Lesson 3

About This Course

This course is designed to teach you how to explore more environment ideas, fast and implementing 3D tools into your design pipeline. These techniques are used in both Video games and live action pipeline for hyper realistic projects. Maya and Cinema-4D will both be used with Maya as the modeling and set building tool and Cinema-4D as a rending and texturing tool. This course won’t include basics for the packages mentioned above unfortunately, but any 3D package can be used. Photoshop will be used as a post processing tool to edit and put everything together into one epic image.
Course Author: Prince Bongane Mahlangu
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