Epic Matte Shot

This course was originally published at ifcc-academy.com


The film look



Setting up a 3D scene + blockout

Intro to Maya 2018 + Redshift



Using an HDRI and the Redshift physical Sun



Detailing the assets

Using Megascans assets

Marvelous Designer


Creating textures in Photoshop and Quixel PART 1

Creating textures in Photoshop and Quixel PART 2

Using Megascans textures PART 1

Using Megascans textures PART 2


Using Speedtree assets

Scattering trees with MASH

Paint Effects

Rendering using Redshift for Maya

Rendering using Redshift for Maya


Post work in Photoshop PART 1

Post work in Photoshop PART 2

Live Sessions

Live Session 1

Live Session 2

Live Session 3

Live Session 4

About This Course

'Epic Matte Shot' was one of IFCC Academy’s pioneering courses helmed by Steven Cormann. It has aged a bit but it's still very relevant. The course provides a comprehensive overview of concept art from idea to execution using Maya software and Redshift plug-in tools through a series of tutorials. It teaches students easily applicable and intuitive lessons that will ease progression in the field of concept art. The curriculum is a revelation for those seeking new ways and skills to articulate their conceptions. The video lessons focus on creating an inspiring image using 3D matte painting techniques. The course covers wide terrain, gunning for maximum scope while remaining on target. Beginning at the research phase, the lecturer takes you through everything from setting the scene to the finishing touches with over-painting.
Course Author: Steven Cormann
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