The Business of Art – Live Stream with Anthony Jones

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Those of you who have been IFCC attendees, while the event was taking place in Zagreb, already know how valuable was the part of the program that we named ‘The Business of Art’. The first such panel happened in 2015. The first three guests were Mike Hill, Ben Mauro, and Justin “Goby” Fields. Since the event is now much smaller and more intimate, with a focus on education, we decided to put the Business of Art on hold for a while. But now we’re back with its live-stream version. ​​

Our first guest is Anthony Jones who is one of the most well-known concept artists out there. He is also a teacher (google Robotpencil) who has influenced artists such as Milan Nikolic and many others. As he was two times speaker at the IFCC Croatia (in Zagreb) we know very well how motivating he can be. Of course, as it is the case with many popular individuals, there are some controversies tied to his name. Let’s say that’s the price you might have to pay when trying to make a business from your skillset. In this session, we’ll talk with Anthony about all the goods and bads of becoming more than just a concept artist.

Anthony Jones >

Host: Marko Prpic Zets >

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