The Last Stand

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When the human world was taken by the Creator, it erased 99.9% of the population on planet earth and build its own AI kingdom. Cause the Creator thinks that its AI children are more reliable than human being cause they never lie and with proper coding they will always follow its orders. Even though the Creator is able to read human minds but it thought that might be a waste of its energy, so it still erased nearly all the humans. Luckily enough, there are still 2000 people remained on earth, they built a military base in Gobi dessert, it used to be a facility that study Mars because there they have very similar climate conditions. It is a luck cause the Creator sent its troop multiple times to invade this problem, but due to the extreme weather conditions, they have different technical issues that prevent them find those humans, and the humans thought its God’s protection. However, the human beings there have a lot problems of their own, they have water issues, even though by digging a giant whole on the ground in order to find some mineral and oil resources they found some water but that is not enough. Even though that place has tremendous amount of mineral, oil, solar and wind resources, those remaining humans still need more water to survive. Besides that, they are still struggling to develop new technology to fight back, so they have the best scientists that evacuated in time when everything started going down with the help of military forces. On the other side, the Creator put its invasion on hold, developing its world is in the first priority here and it thinks keeping a zoo in its world is not a bad idea. But nobody knows, if the human group keeps growing and become a threat again the Creator will visit eventually. Human beings are in the toughest situation, they are fighting a war they never had before……

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