Well City – the origins of the project

The content below was originally published at thegameworkshop.net

Hi! I’m my name is Marc-Alexandre. My English-speaking friends usually call me Marc, and my French friends call me Marc-A). As you’ve probably guessed it, I’m a French concept artist working for video games (the most recent project I worked on was the game Endless Space 2, developed by Amplitude and published by SEGA).

Since it’s my first post here I would like to talk about this idea that has been running in my head for quite some time, which is Well City (you’ve probably seen it as well on the PROJECTS page)!

So, what exactly is Well City? Well, it started out as a personal challenge I set myself, which is “how can I make something original?”. Nowadays with all the amazing art that you see online it’s hard to come up with something that has never been done before.

It began as a collection of environment designs which were all made with the same intention in mind: how can I make this a place I would love to be in? To do so, I had to look back at my childhood (place I’ve been to, both in real life and virtually through video games) and set up the initial intentions of what Well City is going to be.

Gradually, I felt this place needed to be part of something bigger. It had to become a world by itself. To do so I had to do multiple things, from defining its inhabitants to write a story which takes place in it (I plan to make a book in the long run).

So far, not everything has been defined yet (the story is still in the works), but I plan to show something solid enough for IFCC. Anyway, I hope you all like what you have seen so far! And if you have any questions regarding the project feel free to message me on facebook!



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