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If artists were actually soldiers, then this beautiful dystopian concept art, by a super-talented digital painter, concept artist and IFCC 2019 speaker Miguel Iglesias, could be the ideal illustration for this newsletter. But the question is – is it? Btw, definitely check Miguel’s work. You’ll faint.


Dear artists, designers and all the creative people out there,

the time has come to do something that we can reflect on in the years to come. To leave a mark, so we can learn and benefit from it in the future.

If you don’t want to read the text below, you can share your opinion right away.


We, the members of Boonika core team, have been silent for a while. For multiple reasons. The fact that we didn’t know what to write about is just one of them, but in a way also the most important one.

In the past, we were always very optimistic, enthusiastic and, from time to time, even euphoric. At least when it comes to our projects, such as IFCC Croatia, The Game Workshop, IFCC Academy and others. Being able to collaborate with some of the best artists out there was fantastic experience by itself. Discovering new super-talents was a cherry on top.

Art is such a broad field, right? You just need to google a random phrase + ‘art’ to be amazed by what the Internet will deliver in less than a second. At least that’s how it used to be for some of us. What to write about these days?


Of course, we are not talking about topics like art conferences, digital art apps, digital art education, AI (as a tech), NFTs or who worked on which game or film. We are talking about all the meaningful content that artists used to benefit from. Sharing the thoughts and opinions, learning about organization of work, best workflows and routines, how to reach the top and how to relax, how to stay humble, positive and realistic at the same time. You know, all those things that you could learn from folks with years and years of experience. From all those Art Yodas and Art Gandalfs.

More often than not it seems that we’re only left with only two subjects; art and AI-art. Have in mind that our goal here is not to throw our spell of pessimism all over you, but somehow it feels that it’s hard to even pick the right subject without causing yet another mini art world war. Don’t worry, this article is not about AI art, because we don’t even believe in its existence. It is only partially about the effect that AI has on artists, how it affects their future and the future of art as a whole, therefore the future of society. We are looking for the answers and some of you might have them. 

Just to be clear, our search for answers has nothing to do with us being lost or anything like that. Our vision of the future of art is still (kinda) bright, but more about it in the upcoming article. Now let’s move on.


Between 2000 and 2020 we have really enjoyed helping artists and designers to connect with each other, to learn from the best instructors, to find the right job or at least to get an opportunity to meet the right people who could positively affect their careers. In recent years everything has changed. Drastically. Maybe not for every artist in every art field, but definitely for those who have been delivering their creative services for films, games and other related industries. Some of you probably still remember IFCC and how promising everything looked back then in 2014, 2015 and all the way to 2019, and maybe even 2020.

When the IFCC experience came to an end, we needed a break. After almost eight years of hard work, who could blame us, right? Although the festival doesn’t exist in its full form anymore, we’re still working on building the archive. It’s really hard to believe that there’ll be so much work considering the fact that we refused to record most of the lectures, which was totally on purpose. The experience was designed to be delivered on sight.


So, what’s so different in 2024? Does it make sense to chase that same art career dream as it made sense years ago? Did things really change for the worse that much? Is it unreasonable or even unfair (unethical?) to guide young creatives towards the games & films industries or any other industry that makes money from entertaining the masses, knowing that their jobs will probably be more towards guiding the ‘machine’ to do the final art piece? What about the ‘lucky’ ones who still didn’t get fired and who are struggling to keep their jobs. Should they all just adapt and accept the inevitable? Does all this sound too pessimistic and unrealistic? You tell us.

Finally, what are your thoughts about the current state of the art, and how you see the future? Your future, the future of the artist. To avoid any confusion, when we say ‘artists’, we think of those who are still passionate about the process that results with the final art piece. The folks who are never really happy with how sharp their skills are. Art Yodas and Art Gandalfs.

Have you thought about moving to other fields of creative expression? Fine art, collectibles, etc.? Is art (for you) the only option? Is changing careers even possible and if so, what would you recommend?

Please think about it and share your thoughts with the rest of us. Think hard. Leave your ego behind, open your heart, open your artistic soul, use your logic and speak up. Advise others or just ask to be advised. We would like to hear your thoughts. It is important, we’re sure of it. In the end, we want to write the correct conclusion that is based on the opinions of you and your colleagues.


However, before you write or even think of writing anything, please consider the context of time. The time in which arts(s) and especially applied arts and crafts, were an integral part of human society. We’re talking about thousands of years of our history, maybe even tens of thousands. The way that art will be applied might not change as much as the meaning of what art is.

Above all, try to stay positive. 😉

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