Boonika Network 3.0 is here

We’re back (again and again)

Although still in the process of transferring dozens of articles from other websites, we can already announce this new version of Boonika Network art platform. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s start with the most obvious.

The community section is gone?

Nope. We decided to move it to Discord. At least for now. If you remember, a few years back we were so hyped about the 2.0 features like messaging, member profiles, groups and support forums. It actually worked surprisingly well, but only for a while. Everything changed during the pandemic, and probably not just because of the pandemic. Whatever it was, we just weren’t in the situation to engage with the website as much as we wanted to. Under the hood, it was a huge system and a lot of time and money went into maintaining it instead of adding the content for our visitors. For such a small team, it became a real challenge.

The raw look of the website

We welcome all the new visitors and followers, of course we do, but for now the priority is to help our old students, conference guests, live-stream attendees and others who were engaged with Boonika in the past, to find their favorite lectures, courses and interviews. They can do so by typing the desired term inside the Search box area. Sometimes in the future, the website should become a great looking platform with a beautiful UI and almost magical user experience (as it once was).

IFCC Archive

As you all know, one of our best known projects was IFCC Croatia, a conference that changed many lives for the better. The activities from that period have spread to all pores of our physical and virtual lives. We have recorded a lot of videos, produced many visuals, did a ton of interviews and other related content. The problem with projects that have unpredictable growth, such as IFCC, is that you can’t really plan every aspect and things just kinda happen or you find yourself in a situation where you have to make unplanned and spontaneous decisions. As expected, after a while it leaves you with a lot of mess. Now the time has come to clean up that mess and organize things. Since the conference is currently on hold and not likely to happen anytime soon, we decided to transfer all the most important content from other websites to this one. It is an ongoing process that will take some time. The list of websites include,, and

Free for everyone

All the premium content is now free. Courses, lectures and tutorials. There are four main sections of the website; Lectures, Interviews, Courses and News & Updates. A lot more will be added almost every week. Some lectures weren’t even edited and hopefully they will be during 2024. You will probably notice a lack of consistency between articles. Don’t stress about it too much. For now we just want to back-up archive everything and as soon as we do, we’ll start publishing new content that should be useful for everyone engaged with this website.

The Future

More education, art exploration, creative processes and everything in between. We are active on many different fields and we want to document all of it on this website. If you want to participate, you definitely can. As always, we’re all ears when it comes to new ideas. You have noticed that we’re living in the era of changes. It seems that nothing will be the same from now on, but we believe that, with a little effort, it is still possible to keep practicing what we’ve enjoyed doing in the past. AI is becoming the new digital and the old digital is now traditional and the old traditional techniques now seem like the stone age. Right? Well, not quite. There’s still room for everyone. Let’s stay positive about the future.

How to engage?

First and foremost, subscribe to our newsletter. Next, join our Discord. Introduce yourself only if you really want to. There is an additional Discord server, named Boonika Art Tools, which you might want to join if you plan to use any of the art tools developed by the folks who are in charge of Boonika project. The development of those tools is not related to this website but everyone who purchased any of the tools has helped in keeping Boonika Network alive.

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